Mr Clown

A new look for the blog and of course, new images. Welcome to my new home and in case you are wondering why the above bird is linked with this post, it is because he welcomed me to the Jurong Birdpark.

Pelican Stare

Armed only with an 85mm, I couldn’t get shots that I normally could with the 70-300mm. But then again, having a limited range means I had to push myself a bit more.

I could get close to the above pelican, and I had a fun time trying to shoot its intense stare. Of course, didn’t stay too long in case I ruffled its feathers and it starts to bite me.

Mean looking fella

But the purpose of the trip was the guy above. That mean looking stare and grumpy face. Seriously, when I first saw its pictures on the web, I knew I had to shoot him or her somehow.

So, there you go, the first post of a new blog. Welcome :)

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