Lion fish

One of Penang’s best and most well kept secret is probably the fact that Penang has sort of an underwater world. I never even knew it existed! But another Penang friend also didn’t know! This goes to show how much publicity goes into making this place known.

Rainbow Eel

Located at the Lembaga Ikan, this is a very quiet place. While there was a sign that says “No Photography”, a quick check with the staff and there was no problem. They had a variety of species on display and with no crowd, I was free to take my time in photographing these wonderful species.

Finding Nemo

There are no funky underwater tunnels but I was never a fan of those things anyway. When you go round and round, you can hardly take the time to enjoy the view of these fishes. There is also no sharks but hey, its not like Aquaria has the Great White on display.

Green Eyes

So, if you want to take a quiet stroll and enjoy your time looking at these fishes without being elbowed, then the Penang Aquarium is definitely one good spot. I definitely enjoyed myself at Penang’s best kept secret.

11 thoughts on “Penang’s Best Kept Secret

  1. Sharp pictures, just love thoses fish…
    tks for sharing! I had just clicked “Taylors College”
    ads on ur blog. Do drop by my blog for support… tks :D

  2. tht fish pics r pretty cool. usually its either no photography or crowded with photographers.. hard 2 take a good spot for shooting.. yeah! so good job here! :D

  3. @Iriene Returned the favor :)

    @Jemsen Thanks, Nemo is my favourite too :)

    @Galvin Thanks :)

    @Sean Yea, there was a sign saying no photography but the staff allowed it. Guess it was good to check.

    @lordmint Thanks, my personal fav shot too!

    @meendee Thanks :)

    @Steph Great photographers think alike :P

  4. green eyed fish stole my contacts! nice shots as always! luckily we decided to look for that place huh?

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