A simple post today to tell you about the DiGi’s latest campaign, For Those Who Love to Save. It is a charity campaign aiming to raise RM150,000 for various charity organisations within 30 days. What do you need to do? Very simple, just click on the banner above and follow the steps.

Each click is RM5 donation, which means we need to drive around 300+ people to the site everyday to click. No effort required on your part. You can choose any of the organisations listed there.

I chose Women Aid Organisation. What will you choose?

6 thoughts on “Just a click away…

  1. @orenzai Well, if its not real, I think DiGi will have said something by now :) So I guess it is real. Not to mention, it is on Nuffnang.

    Anyway, all you need is just to put in your email and click on an activation link thereafter. Won’t lose much, except maybe get spammed :P

  2. good deed.
    hey, if u wanna donate to your fav charity, why not join the CIMB photo contest? if you win, u get to donate RM100k to your fav charity and a couple k for yourself. :D

    Anything else for me to click? :P

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