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You may not be a fan of Hello Kitty. But if you travel to Taipei, well this is certainly one place that you must visit just so you can say that you’ve been there. After all, I believe this is the only Hello Kitty cafe in the world, if not this region. What do you do in a Hello Kitty cafe? Eat lah!

She is everywhere

In a Hello Kitty cafe, there is no escaping her. She is everywhere! On the seats, on the table, on the food, on the menu, in the toilet – she is really everywhere! So, if you got a Hello Kitty phobia, then maybe you can steer clear but you are definitely missing out on quite an experience.

Hello Kitty Burger

Let’s get on with the food. I had the Hello Kitty burger because well, I get to say I ate Hello Kitty. The burger is pretty good as with the rest of the food but the fries was absolutely delightful. Don’t think I’ve tasted better fries. Must be some kind of Hello Kitty seasoning.

Hello Kitty Pasta

Then Sharon had some shrimp pasta thing which is also excellent! I thought the food at this place would be bad and it was just for the experience but so far, they have been great. The pasta wasn’t Hello Kittified so I guess they haven’t figured out how to do that just yet.

Hello Kitty Dessert

The place is probably best known for its desserts and drinks. And the desserts are nicely presented. It can be simple cakes but the effort taken to present it differently is commendable. Not only that, the cake may look simple but it taste quite good as well.

Hello Kitty Pies and Fruits

They use a lot of fruits in their desserts but I thought they would have given more lychees. After all, isn’t Taiwan the land of lychees?

Hello Kitty Cake

Of course, being Hello Kitty, there must be something pink. Behold the Pink Hello Kitty Cake! Very soft, and not half bad. And we got to dissect Hello Kitty. Good stuff! :)

Hello Kitty Jello

Unknown to us, since everything was in Mandarin, the food sets that we ordered came with free desserts. So by now, we had dessert overload when they served us Hello Kitty Jello. Nothing special, just jello in Hello Kitty mold.

Hello Kitty Cookies

And free choco chip cookies. Quite nice actually, but they haven’t got the Hello Kitty face on the cookies just yet. Just some choco powder sprinkled on the plate.

So, all in all, the Hello Kitty Sweets in Taipei serves pretty good food, and the experience of being in a place so Hello Kitty makes this a must visit in Taipei.

Hello Kitty Sweets
No. 90, Da An Road, Sec. 1
(near intersection of Da An Road and Zhong Xiao E Road, Sec 4)
Zhong Xiao/FuXing MRT

(02) 2711-1132

16 thoughts on “Taiwan! – Have a taste of Hello Kitty

  1. that place was fab!!! can buy souvenirs too!! hehe :P yeap the fries were super yummy + the sauce that came with it haha. my pasta had a generous amount of shrimp too :) so sad la had to cut up hello kitty :(

  2. @TC you should! :) And then visit the HK land as well :)

    @soo haha yeah must add. Encik Lee also went :P He was excited as well :P

    @Vitri Thanks, heh, the D90 is not that expensive :)

    @babe hehe yep yep, your fav place in Taipei right? :)

  3. @meendee haha :) find one that is hello kitty in theme ok? :P

    @siying I have no idea :) It could be, place looks quite new :)

  4. YUM! I would totally get the hello kitty burger and fries! For desert I would get the pink and fluffy hello kitty mini cake! All the food looked sooo delicous i would so go there! Not just because i love hello kitty!

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