Double Threat

A while back, I went to Singapore Zoo and I posted a series of shots on the zoo. Looking back at my shots, I realised that I was missing a few and I finally got around to process them. As usual, I would once again say, Singapore Zoo is probably the best zoo you can ever visit in this region.

The above was the alligator or crocodile that was swimming calmly and I thought the reflection was pretty cool. Shot was cross-processed slightly to bring out some colours.

Different kind of dog

While the Singapore Zoo is famous for its polar bears and white tigers, there is another animal that you must find. The prairie dogs. They are so cute and its fun seeing them run around. Definitely a must visit if you are there.

What to do?

Another species that must be seen is that very interesting proboscis monkey. Their facial features are one to look out for and you can even see the youngs running around. I think they have done very well to breed these monkeys in captive and allow people to see what is an endangered species.

Black and white

Other things to see there are butterflies, there are a number of them, the sloth and pretty interesting stuff in the “Fragile Forest” section. As you can see, I love that zoo and I’ll definitely be back in there again. I always seem to find different things to shoot when I am there :)

Until next week, enjoy your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Forgotten shots of Singapore Zoo

  1. @meendee lol not sure if they are legal as pets :P

    @bakhtiar thank you :)

    @lordmint Hrmm guess the title of the pic double threat has double meaning as well! :P

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