Sunrise at Cameron Highlands

I stayed at Casa de la Rosa in Cameron Highlands and rented one of their four penthouse suites. There is a big balcony and it overlooks the golf course opposite the hotel. One of the best thing about the suite is that in the morning, you get this beautiful view of the sun rising over the horizon.

Orton Sunrise at Cameron Highlands

I am not usually a morning person but I don’t mind waking up to a view like this every morning. Now if only my room has a view like this.

9 thoughts on “I could wake up to this every morning…

  1. @cindy thanks :)

    @lordmint an arm and a leg :P I could have travel overseas haha

    @babe of course i love waking up next to you every morning :)

    @meendee LOL camera cant print so big la :P not D3x

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