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What is the one good thing about visiting Cameron Highlands? Haze free! After all the smoke and smog in the city, it was good to take in some fresh air. But take it in when it is early in the morning or late at night. Because smack in the afternoon, the cars and buses will still haunt you up there.

Water Cress Valley

But fresh air is not the only thing I discovered high up there. I discovered a place called Water Cress Valley! It is basically a farm for water cress, the vegetable that people usually use to boil soup. They also do herbal tea with it and I love the water cress herbal tea. Well, Sharon didn’t but its ok, more portion for me :P

At this place, there is a also a restaurant which serves good old charcoal steamboat. I found it delicious, my dad thought those in KL were better. I don’t know, there is just something about eating steamboat in a highland. It makes it all better.

Pano view of Bharat Tea Plantation

But of course, when in Cameron Highlands, one must always visit the tea plantations. And eat some scones. The Bharat Tea Plantation had good scones, tea wasn’t so good (the irony of it all). But it had good views and that made up for the lack of tasty tea. Click the above picture for a larger view of the pano shot.

Thats it for this weekend. I will be sharing with you some shots from our strawberry adventure next week :)

10 thoughts on “Haze free Cameron Highlands

  1. Lovely place, especially at times like this (haze and all that). Haven’t step foot here for so many years already… haiz, time to find time for holiday.

  2. You really make full use of the HDR, some people only fool use, hehehe. For the pano shot you are using the “Stich”-kah?

  3. omg watercrest tea was horrible!! hehe i can spot dad in the 2nd pic! :P speaking of the steamboat i got burnt :(

  4. steamboat is syiok when the weather is cooling … just like during a rainy day or … in cameron highlands :) but can’t say much about the flies ‘tho :P

  5. @CH Thanks :) I try my best at HDR :) And yep, the last shot was stitched from 3 diff shots.

    @Neo Its time to go back up again! I went back there after a long time as well :)

    @Lee Thanks :)

    @babe aww so cham got burnt. watercrest tea not that bad la :)

    @meendee lol surprisingly not that many flies whwere we ate. Tons of them at the tea plantation.

  6. Nick, these are excellent HDRs. Good good photos. Very clean and sharp. Just the way I like it :P
    Just be a little careful of those halos :D

  7. @lordmint thanks :) dang I thought I eliminated those halos.. CH got aura la, not halos :P

    @steph thanks :) Clouds are pretty stuff :D

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