Not Quite Ready

One of the many activities that you can do in Cameron Highlands is picking strawberries. Not just eat them, but physically walk into a farm and pick them up. Its not the cheapest way to enjoy strawberries in Cameron Highlands and you are not guaranteed the sweet ones but its a good experience.

Growing Up

You walk around in rather muddy patches and you look at pots and pots of strawberries. Some are ripe, some are not, and some like the above, still need more time before they are ready.

The workers there will tell you to pick the ones that are really red but a word of caution, eat them fast if they are really red. Those buggers are ripe and leaving them even for a day means that they will become mush. But if you pick the ones that are not really ripe, they are sour when you first try them.

Berry Galore

So, what do you get at the end of it? An experience. And a basketful of strawberries.

7 thoughts on “Picking strawberries…

  1. never really liked cameron strawberries, and i don’t think i’ve actually really tasted a sweet one .. most of the time, i eat them with sugar :D … but last pic looks delicious!!!

  2. @Ashley haha they may look sweet, but they don’t taste too sweet :P At least not the one I picked hahah

    @orenzai lol its not ready to eat yet!

    @meendee thanks haha yeah maybe need to douse them in some sugar water :D

    @yuli thanks

    @babe hehe thanks

    @steph lol err eat? :D

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