An Old Pony

There is a little gem in Cameron Highlands and it is one great place to go with your family especially your parents because it will bring back some memories. The Time Tunnel Museum in Cameron Highlands is like a blast from the past and you will be like wondering “And I thought all these were junks!”.

Learning Mathematics

I found out how kids used to learn mathematics last time and I thought it was a pretty cute board. Wonder why don’t they use such things now? Seems like a good alternative compared to staring at books all the time.

The King

Some can even find posters that are really meant to be there such as The King, or the version that is widely recognised in Malaysia. Somehow finding him there with all the classic stuff seems to bring out the mood a bit more.

Path to Doom

If you are bored looking at old relics, then you can also try for some abstract looking stuff. The above is my attempt on it and I entitled it “The Path to Doom”, because well, if you are a fish and you are already having this perspective, you are screwed.

Wall-E and Eva

But there are more gems to be discovered in Time Tunnel. I have a feeling that Pixar visited Cameron Highlands and saw these and hence, Wall-E was born. Wonder if we can claim credit for that :P


Enough with all the classic pictures. It was finally time to leave the time tunnel and head back to the world of colours. And upon walking out, I looked down at a basket of cherry tomatoes and thought, wowie!

Enjoy the rest of the day people :)

4 thoughts on “Cameron Highlands! – Travelling back in time…

  1. I like this set. Never visited Cameron Highlands or most other parts of Peninsula M’sia before but I think I would enjoy a trip there anytime. Any location is fine for a photographer with a keen eye and an open mind. :)

  2. Didn’t know there was such a museum in Cameron Highland. You sure it’s not just some junk store you walked into? lol~

    Btw, is that really a fish basket? Or those they use for drowning adulterers?

  3. @Jan Shim Thanks, I am sure you will enjoy this part of the country :)

    @lordmint thanks, haha but thats my only treatment :P

    @meendee hahaha tsk tsk, no junk store la. Have to pay to enter :P And well, either way, it is the path to doom hahaha.

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