East Coast Sunrise SG

Well, it is my first time. Not for a sunrise, not for sex (get your mind out of the gutter!) but for using Cokin filters in my photography. Obviously, the choice of filters were wrong but they were the only ones I have. Should have used ND for these but I only had graduated ND.

Oh well, not too bad la the result, right?

Sunrise with barnacles

Not only did I realise that sunrise could be awesome to photograph, although waking up early is not easy to do but I also discovered that the East Coast Park in Singapore is a lovely place to photograph such an event.

Staying in KL, the beaches are too far away but going to my sister’s place in Singapore, the beach is like 5 minutes away. And therefore, I can get my first misty water shot!

Sunrise with ship

They were doing some land reclamation I think for a project and this rusty ship or barge was just sitting there. Thought it made a good foreground subject so I included it in. Now, if I had ND, I would have been able to use a slower shutter speed. Oh well, there’s always next time :)

7 thoughts on “My first time…

  1. @orenzai yeah! but never mind, now equipped with ND! should be better at the next try

    @Joyce hehe err freelance more then you can buy! or we can go landscape shooting and i can loan you :)

    @meendee hehe thanks :D Misty water is so cool eh.

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