Audrey Ng

And I will be off to Singapore again, to see Sharon first and foremost, she has been away in Singapore for so long that I need to go see her before I go crazy.

And of course, the second reason is to see my niece! She is so cute, ain’t she?

Audrey Ng

She is learning how to crawl now although it seems that she wants to go straight to walking. She can sit up on her own now so she can watch TV properly :)

Audrey Ng

And she still sleeps a lot although when there’s visitors, she tend to stay awake. Curiosity gets the better of her. Not to mention the amount of affection showered upon her.

7 thoughts on “Off to see my niece!

  1. so cuteeeee hehe why didnt you post up the tv watching pic? haha hilarious!

    and you wont go crazy la :P

  2. @meendee oversharpened again?! :P hrmm must go back and examine :D thanks…

    @hannah haha yeah, that she knows :)

    @babe hehe oh yeah forgot about that pic and yes ill go crazeee

    @azhar thanks :)

    @Jimi thanks, she is coming to 6 months old :)

    @orenzai haha err thanks? :d

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