Purple Sunrise

Surprisingly, nature will reward you with some real gems if you are patient. Waking up early to watch a sunrise is quite rewarding but somehow, I think the sunsets are more beautiful. Although it could be due to my lousy skills. :P

Anyway, I have an obsession with purple skies but I think thats coming to an end soon.

Tobacco Sunrise

I now try to make it red! This is more tobaccoish though but as you can see, it can be quite soothing to watch the light rapidly change during sunrise. And trust me, they change fast. Real fast.

Enjoying the moment together

I am not alone during this Saturday morning at the East Coast Park in Singapore. There are many people up and about early as well to enjoy what a beautiful morning can offer.

Walk down the path

So, while I am still grappling in producing stunning sunrise shots, or any stunning shots for that matter, it has been an interesting journey. Let’s hope there is more to come :)

7 thoughts on “Nature’s reward in the morning…

  1. purple’s quite nice and soothing, but i think the red’s a winner. very ominous feel. makes me feel like it should be beside an article on global warming, and how man’s days are numbered. grin. i like it. =)

  2. @Colin For the first shot yes, for the red shot, it was post processed by adjusting the saturation and hue

    @meendee haha yeah i guess it does bring out different mood :) But thats why its fun

    @steph lol I am not spreading doom and gloom here! People on Mars would say that looks normal though :P

    @orenzai Lol 18mm is the best I can go :)

  3. @Lordmint :P I knew you weren’t from around here. :P And no need UWA la, that shot was at a zoom range.. so I just need to un-zoom :P

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