A Calm End

From the dramatic morning sunrise at East Coast Park, the evening shots were certainly the total opposite. I went to Merlion Park, to see a lot of tourists. And all of them had the classic pose of holding the Merlion in their palm and taking a shot. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Unfortunately, my Merlion shots were crap so I just have these to show. The above is the view of the Esplanade area from Merlion Park. No dramatic clouds around, just a plain sheet of clear sky.

The Famous Durian Building

And then we have the famous Durian building of Singapore. Inside lies an impressive performing arts theatre and it is meant to be the regional hub for arts and culture. I know STOMP will be there in October, so I may just be back for it.

Accidental shot

And finally, we were walking back towards the Esplanade when I decided I wanted to try a long exposure shot with cars in the picture. As I clicked the shutter, Mr SMRT Bus decided to come into the picture and I ended the shot prematurely by turning off the camera.

Then I turned it back on and I thought the result was pretty cool and I decided to keep it. What do you think?

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