One would expect the Cactus Farm to be filled with cactus and nothing else, but there is more than meets the thorns. While the Cactus Farm is still filled with a variety of the thorny plant, it contains much more than that. And coupled with the fact that there isn’t really much to see if you are not into hiking, this is one stop not to be missed.

Oh and flowers are quite cheap there too.


But it is fun to see the amount of giant cactus there and trust me, some of them are big. But it is also nice to see the prettier side of cactus such as the flowers they have. Yes, these fellas are not all about thorns.

Peeetalll Power!!

And like I said, there is more to cactus here and that includes your usual array of Cameron Highland goodies such as roses. Lots of them here and a huge variety of potted plants waiting for you to take them home.

Perched and Ready

As I walked along the farm taking pictures of flowers, suddenly two very fast birds were jumping from places to places. As you will probably know by now, I never resist the opportunity of taking wildlife so on goes my “wildlife” lens (sponsored by my babe).

From Rope to Rope

These guys are fast though. Before I could lock focus, they are already somewhere else. Luckily they stayed long enough for me to get two usable shots. Cameron Highlands surely turned out to be one great big suprise everywhere I go.

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