An IR Experiment in Kuching

Heroes Monument Kuching

I was in Kuching over the weekend, preparing for my marriage by attending a pre-marriage course at the St Joseph Cathedral. Of course, the weather wasn’t all that great but I still had to try and get my IR shots. After all, I already flew all the way there.

Much thanks to my loving future wife for bringing me around.

The Heroes Monument is the little thing that is located next to the Sarawak Museum in the Sarawak Museum Garden. If you walked closer, the monument is quite interesting but from this IR shot, you will probably not be able to see much. The overcast skies means I didn’t get no dramatic skies or nice blue stuff I like to see in IR shots.

Sarawak Museum Garden

At the garden, there is this little stall that sells belachan beehoon, ABC and other stuff. Not that bad but lots of mosquitoes. Anyway, I saw this tree and I thought that the tree will look good in IR. But again, it was under shade which means, tough luck for me again.

But I still tried. After all, thats why its called experimenting, ain’t it?

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