Failed shot #1

Photography is a learning process. You learn to do new things almost everytime you go out to shoot something. And therefore, I have to say, I have failed in more than one occasion. During my recent trip to Kuching, I “made” my future wife drive me all the way to some kampung.

And when I was there, I used for the first time a combination of ND and GND filters. And the above is one of the failed shots.

Failed shot #2

I am seriously bad at using GND filters. I can never figure out where to place the filter to make sure that it doesn’t look too fake. But I guess without all these failed shots, I’ll never learn to use it properly. It is a journey I appreciate.

Nick Hearts Sharon

But the best part of going there was trying out a concept I had in mind for a while now. Its not the most original, but I’ve never done something like that before. And now I am glad I have one.

The next time, it will look even better.

4 thoughts on “I am proud of my failures…

  1. I actually kind of like the first shot. Kind of makes you feel you’re on top of a mountain looking over a cloud-covered plain. Or a big lake filled with dry ice instead of water.

  2. @Bace Thanks :) Misty waters are fun :) You are turning out to be quite an active commenter these days :P

    The rest have gone missing :(

  3. Is that a fail pic??I dunno anything about the cameras used or its filters..but the picture seems just OK to me.Like those edited version from Adobe or Photoscape etc.It’s nice.

    btw,great blog!

  4. @hh thanks :) It has some errors in it. Like wrong placement of filters and some messed up post processing :)

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