White Tiger Portrait

Yes, it is another Singapore Zoo post. At the rate that I visit the zoo, I think I might as well pay for the Friends of the Zoo program which will give me unlimited access for the year I believe. Anyway, this is the first time I’ve gone to the zoo with the 300mm f4 so it was another good outing for me.

I didn’t really want to take the white tigers as I have really taken a lot of them but oh well, I saw so many photographers there that I couldn’t resist it. Now I need to get a picture of them feeding.

My Nat Geo Moment

After visiting the zoo so many times, I have decided to shoot only a few animals per trip. This also means I spend only an average of 2.5 hours at the zoo, instead of standing the whole day waiting for a shot. I figured that I will have a lot of chances to try and get those moments again. Hopefully.

This time around, I spent quite a lot of time at the Hamadryas baboon enclosure and wet baboons fighting or rather playing with each other? Thank you very much! While the composition can be improved, I love the intensity in the picture above.

End of the Road

I also got lucky again later in the day when a kingfisher decides to show up at a monkey enclosure and smacked a fish dead for its meal. The fish though, looked a bit too big for him. Doubt he will share it with anyone though. End of the road or rather river for the fish.

Cotton Top Tamarin

A lot of visitors to the zoo rush straight in without noticing that right in front of the souvenir shop, is a very special enclosure as well. The cotton top tamarins will come out and play and well, they look like mini lions. I love photographing them whenever I get to see them out and running about.

Vincent, as you can see, I visit the Singapore Zoo a lot! I don’t mind going again during the Raya break but I was thinking maybe the Jurong Birdpark instead. :P But if you prefer the zoo, I am game as well.

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