A lil bit of pink

Well, looks like we go back to Cameron Highlands. With me editing pictures according to mood, looks like I will be looking at jumping back and forth on my travel shots.

The best thing about Cameron Highlands, with it being high, means that a lot of flowers there are not seen here in dusty ol’ KL. And they look a lot fresher too.

Count My Petals

And the roses, as I mentioned before, are everywhere! They are dirt cheap too, giving me the impression that florists in Kuala Lumpur have very high profit margin. I think two dozens of roses cost me less than RM50 over there. Only thing about them roses is that they practically wilt after a day or two in the hot KL weather.

Paradise Flower

I think the paradise flower, or at least I think that is the name of the flower, is available here. But I just love the blend of colours when I saw it. Maybe I should have cropped out the not so pretty looking top.

Lonesome Flower

So, there you have it. Flowers, bugs, nature and fresh air is what you will find in Cameron Highlands. While over the years, development has taken place and it looks a bit more modern, you can still find calm, serenity and a jolly good time up there.

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