Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards

Got a pleasant surprise over Raya when I was informed by Nuffnang that I was one of the five finalists for the category of Best Geek Blog in the first Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.

It is quite surprising to find my blog being accepted, as the competition is really strong. I certainly blog about everything and the only geeky part I guess is the photography element that ties the blog together. Even if I don’t win, it is still nice to know that I passed the initial scalpel.

So, if you want to cast your vote for me, you can do so here. You have to vote for all the categories before your vote is counted :)

Regular schedule to resume tomorrow! Lots of shots from Singapore to share.

11 thoughts on “Krrunching my way to Uniquely Singapore

  1. @Vincent thanks :) So where are the bird shots? :)

    @KC Eh? Lol I think we are all using the same title. Part of the criteria :P

  2. Hi Nicholas.
    Congratulations on being the top finalists. C u in Singapore ok! And don’t forget to vote me for best travel blog award — akademi fantasia =)

  3. @Mark thanks :)

    @arena84 congrats to you too but I doubt I’ll be in Singapore :) Heading to Philippines then. good luck!

  4. Hey there, fellow competitor lol

    All the best with the nomination and award. Whoever wins, being sponsored to Singapore and having a great time there is already treated as the 1st prize by me :D

    May the best Geek wins heh heh

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