Chinese Garden IR

Being a tourist in Singapore, even though I go there nearly every month, I find myself looking at new places to visit other than my usual haunts of Orchard, Singapore Zoo and the Jurong Birdpark. The Chinese Garden provided that opportunity.

Located in Jurong East, the Chinese Garden is a very well-designed and maintained garden. Great for families and also for people like me – looking for a place with a lot of greens.

Chinese Garden IR 2

After photographing a few IR shots during my testing period before I mod the D70s for good, I found that greens, reflections and good clouds are quite critical to a nice IR shot. Then again, I don’t get that all the time so having to settle for 2 things out of 3 is good enough for me.

Bamboo Path

So, what is there to do at the Chinese Garden? Well, just walk, and take in the sights. There is also a live tortoise and turtles museum if you are up for it. It is in the Guinness World of Records after all and it only costs SGD5 to enter.

Chinese Rocks

Other than that, there is a koi pond, a huge bridge, some miniature errr statues, a pagoda, a boat-like thing and lots of greens. There is quite a lot for the eyes to see. And the green will do well take the stress of your eyes as well.

View from the bridge

And once you are done with the Chinese Garden, you can always take a stroll to the Japanese Garden. I didn’t do so this trip but I will definitely drop by the Japanese Garden the next time I am there.

17 thoughts on “A trip down Chinese Garden

  1. I like your story and pictures especially this line “looking for a place with a lot of greens”…..but…but I can not find any GREEN in your pictures…..at least put one GREEN picture-lor…..hahahaha

  2. @iyouwe Using infrared filter :) It blocks out the visible light so you get these IR colours

    @CH hahaha i find a place with lots of greens to remove the greens :P

    @Gabriel thanks but yeah, no greens because i find them to remove them from my pics. Need the greens for the whites :)

    @Traveling to Indonesia Thanks for dropping by, already visited your site :)

  3. I think Singapore is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to visit there some day. Your pictures are wonderful although I wish you had at least one green one! hehe, I’m sure it was lovely there. :)

    Great website, btw. This is my first time visiting — I will certainly be back though!

  4. @Kristin :) Unlike other countries where cold weather is needed for snow, I need heat :P

    @Latrina Thanks :) Singapore is quite a beautiful country. Lol will try and include a green shot next time.

  5. i was wondering why it looks like its snowing in singapore. D: absolutely beautiful, a totally different perspective shown here. (:

  6. @babe thanks :)

    @Jessen yep, its a pretty nice place to go :)

    @orenzai thanks, will take note of distracting elements the next time.

    @The Photodiarist Thanks, IR is really, really cool :)

    @ale lol nah, not snowing. Not too sure if it will be cool if it snowed :P

  7. OMG I thought I read the wrong post! When did Singapore Chinese Garden become sooo beautiful? haha! Interesting way of shooting!

    All the best with ur APAC blog contest!

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