During my last trip to Singapore, I met up with Vincent as well as Daze and his friend for a shoot. Well, I had to leave early so I felt rather bad that I couldn’t shoot with them longer. Sorry, guys! Next time!

Anyway, I had quite a fun time as it was the first time I managed to catch the Fuji World of Hawks show. And trying to get the hawks in flight was a challenge.

Taking Off

The 300mm f4 is not exactly the fastest lens in town so getting it to lock in the focus was a challenge itself. Coupled with the focal length and the fact that some of the birds flew quite close, I didn’t really have the luxury of letting them fly a bit before getting the focus correct.

I think I have a lot of deleted shots but fortunately, I found a few usable ones. The above was the eagle taking off and I like the motion blur here.

Swooping In

While I couldn’t get the initial shots of the hawk, luckily they decided to let these beautiful birds fly around during the end of the show and I managed to get a second chance at it.

I still couldn’t get the vertical flight shot so that would be something I will have to attempt the next time I visit the park again.


After the show, I didn’t have much time left to shoot but I managed to visit the pelicans and saw one of them flying around and trying to build a nest I think. Someone commented that the landing shot above looks awkward but I can’t be blamed if they are not elegant flyers :P

So, while KL may boast the largest aviary, I think the Jurong Birdpark unfortunately trumps it as it is cleaner, and definitely more attractive. Here is to the day KL revamps its parks and zoos to match international standards!

And catch up with you all again on Monday. Have a good weekend ahead!

12 thoughts on “Catching them flying birds…

  1. Beautiful photos! It sounds like it would have been fun. :) My favorites are the 2nd and 3rd ones for sure, although they all look great! I love the detail in he feathers in the 3rd one. :) Beautiful bird!

  2. @babe hehe but its real!

    @standley thanks :)

    @Latrina The pelican is a beautiful bird. Very photogenic :)

    @Regina Thanks, glad you enjoyed the pics.

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