Green Fields

Earlier this year, I went to Bali and it was a good trip. Thanks to Sharon’s relative’s friend, we were pretty much pampered all the way including drivers to fetch us wherever we wanted to go. Of course, me being me, I decided that I wanted to try something new.

And that included getting out of the car, and onto a bicycle and cycling through the countryside of Bali. All I can say is – it was worth it. The sights that I saw, I doubt I would have experienced the same thing if I was sitting in a car.

Working Hard

While cycling through the countryside, enjoy lots of greens as Bali is filled with rice terraces! For me, Bali was always surf and sea but this trip certainly opened up a new world to me. I can say I prefer this part of Bali although that may not be a view shared by many.

Juggling Act

Cycling around the kampungs, well, not really kampungs as their houses can be huge! The doors are small but once you enter the compound, it is like a different place. Not only that, they do not waste any acre of land. Even a small patch is used for some farm.

But the best part of the whole cycling trip is seeing smiling faces everywhere. They are really, really friendly. When you cycle through a town/village, the kids will run up to you and try to give you a high-five. Well, too bad I can’t give them back or else I’ll risk crashing my bike into them.

Friendly Smile

So, while life may be hard and they might be working the fields on a Sunday, they will still flash you the most sincere of smile. The cycling trip was quite an unforgetable experience for many reasons (butt pain as one) but it is something I recommend you do if you are visiting Bali.

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