I seldom photograph people. That is pretty much a known fact among those who actually follows me to shoots. I only do so if I went out specifically to shoot people. Street shooting and weddings are probably the two occassions. So, having shots of people in it is kinda rare for me, particularly when it is at the zoo.

But water, kids. Well, that is a perfect combination for me.

Faster than Water

Singapore Zoo has a children area and inside that area is a mini waterpark kinda thing. And when you combine children with the ability to splash around in water, it is a great recipe for nice shots. And a lot of sincere smiles and genuine happiness.

With the splashy water, I decided I needed high shutter speed to freeze the water. I didn’t want it to look blurry. But even then, the lil girl above was running so fast that by the time I clicked, she was nearly out of the frame. But I kept the shot. I don’t know why but I liked it.

I, could, somehow, still feel the fact that she had fun. Not too sure about you. And I like the bright colours of her suit.

Standing Brave

But one really cool feature of the mini waterpark is there is a big bucket of water being filled up from the top of a slide thing. And after it is full, the bucket is overturned and the people below gets a huge bucketful of water. That was cool. I love that feature. Now if only I was a kid.

Getting a Lil Tired

All the fun running around and getting splashed can be quite a tiring experience. So you see some kids about to give up in the end. Pretty sure they had fun.

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  1. @meendee maybe its the hint of cross processing in the picture! I know you like that kind of effect :P

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