Watching From Behind

I had a fun time shooting people when I first started photography. And I had people shots when I was travelling. Candid shots, no doubt but it had humans in it. Somehow, it started getting lesser and lesser. I wonder why. Looking bad at some of my shots, it is quite interesting to have the human element in it.

I don’t believe I ever got scolded or reprimanded so the mystery as to why I shot lesser of humans remains unsolved. The above shot was taken at Chinatown right here in KL. We were walking around during a street shoot and I thought this napping man was an quite interesting. Particularly when he looked like he was the boss of the workers in front. Pretty sure he was not.

Floating People

During travels, I don’t have the luxury of time to wait for the perfect moment. So, sometimes landscapes and wildlife photography can be quite challenging. But just walking around, you always get interesting people shots. People are pretty interesting, don’t you think so?

Above shot was taken in the floating market in Bangkok, Thailand. I was just walking past these tourists in a floating boat when I saw that all of them were looking in one direction. I never knew what they were looking at.

Passing Monk

Sometimes I get lucky. I know photographers generally plan their shoots and really, I would love to start doing that. But I think I have yet to reach that stage so I count on a lot of luck at the moment.

For example, the above shot taken at Pura Tanah Lot, Bali. I planned for a sunset trip to Tanah Lot but of course, I arrived way earlier. But having arrived earlier, I was lucky to spot monks leaving the temple and well, orange robes against dark rocks? That’s a no brainer for the shot.

My Zit

And sometimes people do funny things in public. And when they do, you capture it.

The scene above was taken at a park in Hanoi, Vietnam. I believe the girl was popping zits for her boyfriend, and well, I don’t think that is a common sight here.

So, as you can see, people are very interesting. So why don’t I shoot them more?

8 thoughts on “Shooting People…

  1. Eh don’t shoot people la, after the police come and catch you! :P

    Great shots btw, love the photo journalistic style of shooting people

  2. @Mark lol :P its ok, they are still alive after I shoot them

    @Hannah I think if they are in public place and you don’t stalk them, you are alright.

    @orenzai thanks :)

  3. Not sure why you don’t shoot more people. When you do, you do it so damn well. I like all of these shots but the first and third are my favorites in this series. I love your use of color too. I am really more into B&Ws, as you know, because color is a beast in my opinion. But you do it really well.

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