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Back to Taiwan we go and this time we will talk about food. And one drink. Taipei is surprisingly filled with good food. Good Street Food. So you don’t have to run to posh places and pay through your nose to get a good meal. You can get good food anywhere!

But one thing that is definitely everywhere is bubble milk tea. Or just milk tea without the bubbles. And they have some pretty cool flavours as well. We read that Share Tea is one of the better brands so be sure to look out for them. We were lucky that they were just below our hotel. I certainly enjoyed the Winter Melon Milk Tea and Mango Green Tea the best.

Pig Intestine Mee Sua

This is my second definite must-have. Well, if you don’t eat pork, then you can’t have it. Or if you can’t stomach pig intestines, then you will miss out on this too. But this is definitely better tasting than the oyster versions you get here. You can find it at the popular Ximending district. Just walk out of the MRT, walk straight into that happening street, when it start to branch off, take a right and you will see people at the store. You can’t miss it!

Even though there are no chairs and tables, you still see score of people standing outside the store, standing and eating this piping hot creamy dish. Very delicious, I tell ya.

Beef Noodle

And last but not least, it is the beef noodle. Braised, intestine – in any form, beef noodle is a signature dish in Taipei. If you go there and not have it, then you never been to Taipei. Except if you can’t eat beef, then ermm have something else?

But we enjoyed the beef noodle in this market, I believe it is the Rao He Night Market. Good stuff, got lots of celebrities ate there as well.

So, there you have it. My absolute three must-eats. There is actually a fourth but we finished it so fast everytime that there wasn’t a chance to take a photo. Its bite-sized spicy fried chicken. Really good stuff. Better than the overhyped XL fried chicken at Shihlin night market.

So, if you are going to Taipei, go eat and drink these stuff! Enjoy the weekend people.

6 thoughts on “Taiwan! – The Three Absolute Must Haves

  1. @carolyn it was good but I don’t think it was a must eat. The one in Cheras was smellier! :P

    @kurt lol i went there a few months back. Lots of pictures yet to be shared :P

    @babe hehe yep but not smelly also..

    @J2Kfm yep which is good since it makes for rather cheap eats :)

    @meendee oooo quite different though but the tengkat tong shin beef noodle is also awesome

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