Glutinuous rice

During my last 3d/2n stay in Taiwan, it was a lot of walking but also a lot of eating. Which is a pretty good combo if you ask me. You eat, then you walk to lose the fat, then you eat to regain the energy. So, of course, looking for bites while walking was a constant adventure.

While walking around the Taipei IT street, pretty much like Lowyat but on the streets, we caught the smell of glutinuous rice. Ahh, it looked so good, smell so good and tasted perfect. Except for the stinky vege. Coriander leaves I believe. Why did they have to throw that in before serving it to me?

Mango Lolo

And of course, Taiwan is famous for its shaved ice desserts as well. So, after downing a hot bowl of beef noodles, we decided to go next door at a roadside stall and sample their offerings. I had the safe and normal mango shaved ice and my oh my, super sweet! And I saw some people ask for extra milk somemore. In serious danger of getting diabetes after eating this.

Curry Balls

Walking in the night market, you kinda need to hold yourself back from buying and eating everything you see. Tough for me. I saw curry balls and I remembered those delicious ones I had a long time ago in Hong Kong. These were good, but not as good as the ones in Hong Kong. Must go back there.

Taiwan Sausages

Of course, in Taiwan, must try the sausages. I guess they are just called sausages there. And they even provide you fresh garlic to go with the sausages. Not a garlic fan, I chose to eat mine without the garlic. The only gripe I have is that I didn’t get to eat more. :(

Fried Egg Thing

Moving on to Shihlin Night Market, there was even more food! The usual stuff but there was this long queue at a stall selling some fried egg thing. Did someone say egg? I LOVE EGGS! So, of course, I joined the queue and got myself the fried egg thing.

How was it? It tasted like fried egg with some special sauce. I RIKE! :) There are more stuff that I ate in Taiwan, will take some time to process the photos. So, watch out for the next time I talk about Taiwan. I ate in the toilet.

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  1. YUM…quite a lot of eating,have u try hotspring spa yet? i planning to go for it…or any suggestion?

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