Red Sunset in Melaka

About two weekends ago, I went to Melaka with a group of photographers from Soka Gakkai Malaysia. It was a very fun trip as everyone shared their experience and know-how in photography. I was there to absorb of course, after all, I am still learning.

We left KL in the evening and we arrived there before the sunset. After a quick check-in to our apartments, we made our way to the coast of Ujong Pasir for a sunset shoot.

Sunset in Ujong Pasir

My first impression was unfortunately not a good one. I was like, “Wow, this place is quite dirty.” They had rubbish floating in the water near the rocks which I was using as a foreground interest. But I decided to still go ahead and shoot and well the result is the first picture in this post. Guess long exposure made the rubbish disappear :P

But what was great about the place was the old wooden jetty they have. Kids were jumping into the water from here and I always wanted to shoot a wooden jetty extended into the water. I waited for a long time before the jetty became relatively empty, else we will see lots of people standing around.

I was about to pack up because the light was getting lesser by the moment and would have missed the shot above if my friend Teck Lih did not encourage me to whip out the gears and take more shots. Luckily I did :)

Eye of Melaka?

After Ujong Pasir, we went off to Kampung Morten and had our dinner at a foodcourt nearby. Apparently its famous for Asam Pedas but I ended up eating a huge portion of roti john instead. After that, it was off to shoot some pretty lights in the night.

The group spent quite a lot of time shooting boats whiz pass Kampung Morten but somehow that didn’t excite me. We walked further down and lo and behold, a ferris wheel! Now that is something worth photographing. I decided to do a long exposure shot to make the ferris wheel look like it was spinning out of control. I also waited for the boats to pass so that I can get some light trails in there. Overall, I thought it was pretty cool.

Jambatan Pasar

Then we made our way to Jonker Street but the group got lost thanks to me. But if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have seen the nice Jambatan Pasar. Looks pretty cool at night, not so during the day. After taking one or two shots, we found our way to Jonker Street and well, I had nothing great to show from there.

So, that was my night in Melaka, and we will talk about the day shoot tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “A night out in Melaka…

  1. @Izzat Yep it is Melaka :) It is quite a beautiful place :)

    @The Photodiarist Thanks :)

    @Felix Thank you!

  2. very cool night shots. no matter how dirty the river, a little ‘coverage’ can hide the most hideous detail. :)
    wait, am i sounding political here?

  3. @J2Kfm Thanks and that is true. :) We are used to such stuff no? But sooner or later, the rubbish will float up :P

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