San Shu Gong

Pretty much everyone who goes to Melaka will visit Jonker street, so it is no surprise that our Day 2 agenda involved shooting around Jonker and then moving on to the Stadhuys building and St Paul before adjourning to lunch and then back home.

It was a hot and sunny day which is perfect for me. I have never really shot Jonker street with blue sky so this was a good opportunity for me. The above is the one of the newer icons of Jonker Street. San Shu Gong is a cafe that serves Melaka’s delicacies and it is usually very packed. The new 4-storey building is now a landmark in Jonker street and well, you can’t miss it.

Backpackers Paradise

Moving towards the Cheng Ho museum, lies one of my favourite photo spot. I saw this during a recent wedding shoot and I thought it was a nice little place. The greens and the browns and the board makes everything feels so err vintage. Pay attention to it the next time you walk around in Jonker.

Charles Cham

And then, we will see another icon of Jonker street. Charles Cham’s very own shop filled with quirky t-shirts. The design I remember most is “To Lah or Not To Lah” which I believe remains a top seller until today. You also have the Malaysian Rubber shirt which is another popular choice. I haven’t been inside recently so I am not sure if he came out with more brilliance recently.

Kampung Kling Mosque

But Melaka being a city rich in heritage means that you will get some of the oldest architecture in the country. One such example is the Kampung Kling Mosque which is built in 1748. It is one of the oldest mosques in the country. However, the challenge with shooting the mosque from the outside is that you get quite a lot of distracting elements.

I decided to focus on the roof and since it was amazing weather on that day, let’s get some of the blue sky in. Pretty happy with the result.

Leaping into the Sky

The Kling Mosque is flanked by an Indian and Chinese temple, both with rich heritage. I couldn’t get a good shot of the Indian temple but I got one of the nearby Chinese temple that I was happy with.

I was walking around trying to get an idea of what to photograph when I saw this angle. I thought it was quite cool to have the lion/dragon head looking like its ready to leap into the blue sky.

Hokkien Association

When I was walking down the street the previous night, the Hokkien Association was something I did not take. So with light pouring into the area, I took a shot of it. I need a wider lens :P But I also need to start noticing that some of my shots are not straight. Wonder why? Must be something wrong with my hand.

So, there you have it, the first part of my 2nd day shoot in Melaka. Will share the final part tomorrow as I walk away from Jonker.

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  1. @geNe

    For this series, I was using the Nikon D90 with 50mm f1.8 and Nikkor 18-70mm :)

  2. ii love the pics you take, but i can’t quite produce wad u make. terrible in architecture. lol. mind if we exchange links?

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