Backlit Leaves

On to the final part of the Melaka series, I must say that it is a colourful town with lots of photo opportunities. And if you look carefully, even the most mundane scene may have something worth photographing.

The shot above, which is one of my fav from this outing, was taken when we were walking past the Cheng Ho Tea House. I figured we couldn’t go in and shoot the nice setting inside without buying a cup of tea so I was looking around outside. Then I saw these leaves and the sun was shining through it and thought it was pretty cool.

Normally I would leave the blue sky in but I thought it would look better with the background totally over exposed.

Getting Old

Some part of Melaka is really old and it shows in the buildings you see in the area. So, don’t be afraid to look out for interesting colours or textures that can be seen from the doors, the shutters, the windows – pretty much everything. The above is a shot I always wanted to try. A rustic colourful door.

I bumped up the saturation to give it that darker colour.


And of course, you can also photograph people. Lots of characters on the street and it is always fun capturing human emotions. The old man above was such a stark contrast with the tiles behind him. And looking at his face, one can immediately sense a feeling of loneliness and also despair (at least I felt it).

Sunday Paper

But not all photograph of people needs to evoke a sense of emo-ness. Sometimes, the simplest of task can be quite interesting. The man above was reading the Sunday paper just like anybody else. But he chose to do it in a little hole in the red wall and he wore a yellow shirt.

He is screaming to be photographed! And so I did.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter where you are, there is always something to photograph. Until next week, have a good weekend ahead!

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