Pickle Mayonnaise Potato Chips

If you frequent Sunway Pyramid, particularly the cinema, then you would have noticed a new snack kiosk thing right outside the cinema. Ireland’s Potato is a kiosk I see quite often in Singapore but never really tried it whenever I am there.

Sharon and I wanted to try it recently, so we decided to pop by before our movie.

They have a whole bunch of different flavours but we chose the Pickle Mayonnaise Potato Chips. It wasn’t too bad but it tasted like fries with sauce. I was probably expecting too much. And their fries are the thick kind while I prefer the McDonald’s thin kind :P

Oh and it was too salty. I think I have lower tolerance for salt these days.

Crunchy Sotong

Its not all about the potatoes in Ireland’s Potato. We have Sotong Ring or Crunchy Sotong as well. We had a craving for the similar kind of sotong we ate in Old Chang Kee, Singapore. The Crunchy Sotong fit the description of the sotong we had so we ordered that.

It was certainly crunchy but not spicy as the one we had in Singapore. Ireland’s Potato should make one spicy alternative. That would be great. But I definitely prefer it over the fries.

All in all, it was a pretty good first experience but I just don’t understand why cinemas don’t work with these vendors. We can’t bring in Ireland’s Potato into the cinema but yet they are located right outside a cinema. Probably one party refuses to pay or one party is asking too much money. But I think it would make more sense if these people came to agreement.

At least then I get quality cinema snacks.

8 thoughts on “Getting a dose of Ireland’s potato

  1. @izzat not sure about it being halal and all. Should be I guess :)

    @meendee haha they can still sell drinks! I’ll buy drinks :P And corn in cup.

    @babe hehe ok :) we smuggle in! :D

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