Green Meet Blue

On Sunday, I joined an outing organised by ShutterAsia to Sekinchan, the rice bowl of Malaysia. This is my first trip to Sekinchan and it doubled up as a scouting trip as well as a photo trip for me. We were absolutely lucky that the weather was simply beautiful in the morning although the heat was quite intense.

Yep, it was so hot that some plastic stuff in my car melted :P

Gorgeous Sky

I have shot paddy fields before but definitely not in Malaysia. The last paddy field I shot was in Bali and the previous one was in Hanoi – both rice bowls in their own right. Having one so close to home and not go there seems a bit wasting so the trip came at a right time.

We were expecting the fields to be golden but we were still too early. Harvesting season is probably in another few weeks. But oh well, I still get to take gorgeous green fields vs blue sky and that is good enough for me.

Standing Tall

Other than taking the vast fields of paddy, you can also zoom in and get a single stalk of paddy amidst the green field. There are so many photo opportunities here but it gets challenging when you have 20 other photographers around you.

Moving in the wind

The last shot for this posting as I discovered after watching Tony Sweet’s DVD that there is lil function called Overlay in the camera. Its quite cool to merge photos of different focus points and see it create this soft image.

I like the effect though I am sure it doesn’t work for all images. But I thought it worked well with what I thought was paddy but now, I am not too sure :P

Tomorrow, I’ll post the other stuff I took in Sekinchan :)

5 thoughts on “My First Trip to Sekinchan – The Rice Bowl of Malaysia

  1. hi, i’m from sekinchan.. thanks for visiting the place and let me see its current condition (am overseas).. nice photos u have.. blue skky with white clouds are important elements :P

  2. @steph thanks :) these last few days, mornings have been great. Blue sky, nice clouds. evening, not so :)

    @lordmint haha same here but I need to make a return trip. Thanks, and yours even nicer!

    @meendee hehe you should make a return trip!

    @haan glad that you liked them :) hopefully I did your hometown justice :)

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