Riding in a sea of green

Other than focusing on the paddy fields and blue sky, there are a lot more photographic opportunities in Sekinchan. People, for example, always make an interesting subject. The above was captured using the 300mm when I saw a kid riding the motorcycle through the paddy field.

Since the field covered the path he was on, it looked like he was riding through the field itself!

What are they doing at my home?

And of course, when you have 20 photographers swarming a quiet town, you get curious onlookers. Particularly children who must be wondering why are these strange people so excited over something they see everyday. Sometimes, the best things in life are those closest to us.

They will be awed by the sight of the Twin Towers but for us living here in KL, we probably wouldn’t look twice at those two towers anymore. Instead, we are awed by paddy fields.

Chickens are not spared

What happens when there is no one around? Well, then you look for the animals. There are many egrets around and I missed a lot of the egret shots when I was driving around. I must go back there and find the egrets again.

But failing to find egrets, I got myself a pair of easier subjects to shoot. Chickens! But the paddy field provided the perfect background for this, don’t you think so?

Can it take my weight?

And if you can’t find animals, the houses in Sekinchan will provide you with many photos. Being a small town, you will still see lots of wooden houses, wooden bridges and wooden stuff that makes a good photo with its texture and details. We were supposed to go to an abandoned house but I think its now “gone” so we didn’t make that trip.

Either that, or they were too hungry and decided to head back to town.

White Beauty

Don’t want to take photos of houses and planks? Then why not look for flowers, particularly lilies growing around the area. I love lilies and I think they make perfect subjects.

We spotted one near our first stop and well, it was the star of the show for many photographers. I definitely like this shot, one of my fav lily shot.

As you can see, there are definitely a lot of photos that you can take in Sekinchan. And I would like to return there. And sample the food this time around.

9 thoughts on “More From Sekinchan…

  1. i really love that first picture, mostly because it combines a few of my favorite things. a field of grass, a motorcycle, open skies… but mostly, that freedom on the road. highway or dirt path.

  2. Woah! This is a really cool set! I was thinking I really liked the chicken photo the most. You’re right about the background. And as for the chickens, you don’t usually see a hen and cock go together since cocks are solitary. This is a really good shot :)

  3. @meendee lol i think they call that a motorcycle :P

    @The Photoblogger Glad you liked the set. I didn’t know about the hen and cock thing, thought it was common lol. Maybe they were on their way to get busy :P

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