Hilton Cebu

I went to Cebu recently to check out my possible wedding destination. This is going to be the place I am getting married in and so I wanted to see for myself, the place and experience how beautiful it is.

The pictures didn’t lie. Cebu is a beautiful place. And I chose to stay in the only pink hotel in the island, the Hilton Cebu. Well, Sharon loves pink so it was always going to be the choice. And Shangri-la was too expensive as well :P

View From My Room

They upgraded us to a suite and well, I was hoping for a more direct ocean view but I got a glimpse of it. And I absolutely love the water in Cebu. Its clear, its blue, its green, its “azure”, its pretty much the ocean I love.

Hilton's Staircase

So, the pink hotel in Cebu is not just a pink paint painted over the building. Everything inside is pink. There is hints of pink everywhere but it is more like light pinkish rather than bright pink.

I know it would be architectural nightmare but bright pink could have been more of a “wow” factor :P

The Pink Icon

The pink factor trickles down to their vehicles as well. You got a pink limo that can shuttle you everywhere for a price. But to be part of the pink troopers, all you need to do is wait for the free shuttle. You can then sit in the Hilton Cebu’s Pink Icon, which will take you to Cebu town and also the two largest malls in Cebu city.

But I guess the Cebu townfolks are pretty used to the sight of the pink bus as no one gave a second glance at us. Not only that, I think Hilton Cebu expects all its guests to be super slim, because the seats are awfully tight and small. Certainly not for me. Big, fat man in small, pink bus. Now that was a sight.

View From My Room

Hilton Cebu also houses a restaurant called Manny O which is by the sea. I didn’t eat there but I can imagine a dinner by the sea during sunset. That would have been quite a sight. Not to mention, apparently, they serve the best wagyu beef burger in town.

Maybe during my next trip, I’ll give it a go.

12 thoughts on “Staying in the Pink Hotel

  1. haha, what a concept. you might be expecting the Pink Panther to pop up anytime soon …
    or Hello Kitty. or any other cutie and wacky characters.

  2. @kitkat it is :)

    @meendee it is, isn’t it? :D Love the water there, although its pretty salty :P

    @kurt haha thats true. Though some can’t stand it.

    @Hannah yep its all the way there. Marrying a Malaysian but well, wanted a different place. :)

    @J2Kfm haha maybe although Hello Kitty should visit the place :)

  3. @karheng lol now you know :P

    @UnoCosa Pretty exciting :) having fun plannign the wedding, not so much fun calculating the cost :P

    @orenzai Thanks :)

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