Chocolate Hills Bohol

While I was in Cebu, I decided to take a day trip to Bohol as there was two things I wanted to see there. The first is the unusual geological formation in Bohol, the Chocolate Hills.

They are these formations that resembles the Hershey Kisses but that is not why it is named so. The hills turn brown during the dry season and that is how the name Chocolate Hills came about.

On the Way Up

Before you get to enjoy the excellent view of the Chocolate Hills, you got to work quite a bit. There is this long, long staircase for you to climb which I think its about 100+ steps. It could be more but as you climb up, you get to see the beautiful sky ahead of you.

It is quite the motivation to climb.

Chocolate Hills on Panoramic

The reward for reaching the top? Miles and miles of greens with the lots and lots of the hills. If it was one hill, this won’t be impressive but when there are hundreds or even thousands, this was a sight that one must see. This was absolutely beautiful and I’ll gladly go back there again.

For the pano above, click on the image for a bigger version.

So, if you visit Cebu, take the effort to go on a day trip to Bohol. It is worth it.

I won’t be able to blog tomorrow so I will tell you all about the next “must see” in Bohol on Monday. As for Food Friday, it will be Cebu-flavoured as well.

6 thoughts on “Chocolate Hills in Bohol

  1. ha..heard of the place but didn’t manage to check it out the last time i was in Manila. Everything seemed to be very expensive there or was it just me? Only went to Pagsanjan….the guide/sampan guy kept telling us how tough life was ..blah blah blah..and not embarrassed at all to ask for more tip.

  2. @meendee that would the chocolate volcano, nature hasn’t invented that yet :P

    @kitkat if you can eat a whole hill, sure :P

    @kurt they always ask for extra but if the service is good I don’t mind :) And Bohol is quite far from Manila i believe :P And food is cheap! beer is cheap! whats expensive there!?

    @steph hehe am back now in Malaysia, but I always have fun going to the Philippines. I plan to explore more :) So many places to go!

    @The Photodiarist They are! Its so amazing to actually see the view there.

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