Kids swimming

One of the many things that people say you must do in Bohol includes a river cruise on top a house floating on the river. After going on the river cruise, I didn’t find that it was much to shout about until I saw some of the pictures I got. Although the food might not be the greatest (its part of the package) and the view isn’t exactly fantastic, you get to see an interesting part of life in Bohol.

And I guess that is what makes this a worthwhile cruise.

Kids washing

It is not everyday you see the life of people that lives right beside a river. Unless you live right beside the water of course. So, it was quite interesting to see what they do, and I never thought I’ll ever see the sight of someone washing their laundry in the river.

Kids floating

Not only that, you also get to see what they do for fun. Some of them float on the rivers on these contraptions that looks like recycled containers but I guess, whatever works. Some swim and jump around happily, and even put on a show for tourists like us (the first picture in this post).

Walking towards the water

And some just stand around looking and possibly thinking to themselves, “Whats the big deal?” It might be everyday life to them but it was an eye opener for me.

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  1. Oh God. The black & white photo is just heavenly. I love it so much! The others are so wonderful too, especially the first one.. but the b&w one evokes so much thought & emotion for me, I just love it.

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