Bohol Country

As I bid farewell to Bohol in the evening, I sat in the van heading to the pier a very a contented man. While it was a rush getting into Bohol in the morning (and I even missed the earlier boat, no thanks to Hilton), I was glad that I actually made it into Bohol.

The countryside views were superb, including a view of the man-made forest. Van didn’t stop for me to take shots but it was very nice to see it anyway in the van. The above shot means quite a lot to me right now as I am hitting a bit of a rough patch. Sometimes, I wish life was as peaceful as the image above.

Blue Dusk

And Bohol was also very kind for me. It rewarded me with a magnificient sight of nice blue sky with a tinge of warm light filtering through. I absolutely loved the weather in Cebu and Bohol while I was there.

It is moments like this that you feel that you are glad you are on a trip. And no matter how tired you may be, it feels like just reward.

Bye Bye Bohol

Another panoramic shot of the scene that was unfolding before me. Click on it for a larger image :)

Tomorrow is a public holiday so there will be no updates. No Food Friday but next week I’ll share with you steaks at Jake’s. Have a good holiday to all Malaysians and have a good weekend to others :)

7 thoughts on “I bid farewell to Bohol!

  1. Oh man, I know what you mean. I, too, wish the world could be as peaceful & simple as that photo! It really doesn’t take much to make one happy, if only other people could realize this as well.

    I love your photos. I am a big fan of sky shots, so I adore the panorama!! <3

  2. Looking at all those photos make me feel like going on a vacation! I need a break! :(

    Btw, for some reason, WordPress has been filtering your comments on my blog as spam. No idea why that’s happening and I just noticed it while checking the spam comments just now. lol.

  3. @meendee haha so do i!

    @Latrina thanks :) yeah i am beginning to think that I’ll be happier with a lot less

    @Vincent haha you need a break. Balik kampung! You treat me as spam! :(

  4. nice panoramic! Panoramic shots were always my weakness T__T

    The nice thing about Bohol is basically like you mentioned, the peaceful life. They are not as caught up with the rush of city life so when you get there, you notice your life slowing down because of the slow pace of life there.

  5. @Ferdz Thanks, going through your blog, there is so much more of Philippines that I need to explore :)

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