Olango Island

Welcome to Olango Island – the home to a lot of migratory birds during the month of October. Except that when I was there, there weren’t any to see!

Truth be told, I planned a visit to Olango to see the birds. And it was part of my island hopping trip and Olango was actually placed last in the agenda. But during the actual day, Olango was placed first, and we reached Olango at 11am or so. After paying RM50 to use my digital SLR in the bird sanctuary, I was told that the best time was 3pm!

In other words, I paid but I will probably be lucky if I can see even one bird flying nearby.

Walk to see the birds

It is no doubt that Olango is a beautiful place and I can definitely see the appeal of the sanctuary when the birds group together to feed and well, laze around. Since I couldn’t do anything about not seeing any birds, I just walked around and well, shot what I could.

Blue sky, clear water, pretty sure there are stuff to shoot.

No bird, got fish

Since I couldn’t shoot any birds, I shot fishes instead. And even that, only one. But its wildlife! And you all know how much I love wildlife. It was a hot sunny day so I couldn’t stay too long shooting tiny fishes. Made a run to the shaded hut where we are supposed to view the birds.

Panoramic of Olango

When I was at the hut, I wished I was there at 3pm. I can literally imagine the birds that I can capture on camera at this place. It was so wide, so vast, so beautiful. Can you imagine birds and more birds filling up the space above? That would have been cool.

As usual, you can click the above image for a larger version.

Flying Off

Since I was out of luck, I decided to call it quits and head to Nalusuan earlier. Only glimpse of the birds were one or two that were too far out, and one that flew relatively near to me. This was probably my best shot of the bird. So much for nice close-ups on these birds in a natural surrounding.

Largest bird

As we were walking out, the guide told me that we will get to see the largest bird in the world at the entrance. So, we went off thinking that we were about to be shown an ostrich. And the largest bird? That fella on top. Beautiful bird but largest bird? Someone got their facts wrong :P

Maybe he meant largest migratory bird. So this is Olango, the temporary home of many migratory birds in this region. Be sure to check whats a good time to visit this place before you go next time. Don’t end up like me! :(

8 thoughts on “See the Birds at Olango!

  1. @kenwooi thanks! :)

    @babe hehe yeah yeah.. yours was cheap. Couple of ringgits.

    @meendee thanks thanks, whose wall? yours? haha

  2. im impressed. Ive seen too many Olango island pics to appreciate another one. But the first pic is a whole new standpoint of the island. Cool shot of the fish! as if the water wasn’t around it

  3. @The photodiarist thanks :)

    @The Photoblogger Thanks :) Glad I managed to show you something different.

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