From Olango the wildlife and bird sanctuary, the boat took us to another sanctuary, this time the marine sanctuary or the island of Nalusuan. This was our snorkelling spot and well, what more can I say?

You can see above that the water around the island is simply beautiful. Clear, clean and the moment you dive in, marine life is all around you.

Snorkel away

I don’t have the capability to take underwater shots so I can’t share that with you but while not as amazing as diving, I was happy enough to see the fishes around me and corals that are alive rather than dead. Not to mention spotting the countless numbers of clown fish or Nemo as I would like to call them.

Lunch on restaurant on stilts

After snorkelling, we were whisked away to our lunch on a restaurant on stilts. We were the only ones in the restaurant and it was unfortunately not the most pleasant experience. The food was cold and to top it off, they had ants crawling all over the food.

But it was still a little charming and funny to see two young boys beside our table playing violin for our entertainment. They were horribly out of tune though. I tipped them off with whatever meagre small notes I have, which is not much, and they ran off. Not too sure if they are happy though :P

The Boy on Boat

We were then taken back to our banca by this young boy, rowing this boat filled with four people! I again tipped him and hopefully he will share it with his other violin friends.

After that, we were taken back to the hotel and that was our last adventure in Cebu. I believed I missed out something on the Loboc River cruise so tomorrow, I will re-visit that cruise.

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