Some of you who follows me on Twitter would know that I have recently dumped the digital photography world and went into film. Yes, thats right, I’ve gone all ancient on technology. Since it is quite expensive to develop the film, I am not going to be able to shoot as much as I have before.

Therefore, Shutter Nick will have to be Ramblin’ Nick in the future. I will still have a weekly posting that is related to photography but the rest will be more towards my opinions on certain matters. But rather than going through random ramblings, I decided to be a bit more thematic so that you know when to check up on me.

So, here they are:

  • Monday Movie Review – I start off the week with a review of the movies I watched over the weekend
  • Tuesday Terrible Photo – My weekly photography post where I share with you my horrible shots of holidays, and stuff
  • Wednesday Weekly Football – As the name suggests, my rants on the football (soccer to some of you) issues
  • Thursday Tech Talk – It will have a connection to technology, not necessary just gadgets
  • Food Friday – Where I ate, how it fared, and whether you should go

So, thats it. I hope you won’t stay away from my blog!

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