Ever since I watched “March of the Penguins”, I’ve always been fascinated by this waddling creatures in a built-in tuxedo suit. After all, we are talking about birds that do not migrate when the going gets cold (well, maybe because they can’t fly), a certain species that braves the insane weather for their children and I don’t see any other birds cuter than them.

So I’ve always been on the lookout for them. And I always try to see them whenever I can. Granted I am not brave enough to go the extreme part of the world to see them in action, my adventures are limited to the zoological gardens around here.

Penguin Call

I’ve seen them in the Singapore Zoo, numerous times in fact and I never get tired of visiting the same area time and again. Its quite calming to see them swim around, not so calming when they start screaming but luckily, they don’t do that often.

Why are they standing?

I’ve seen them at the Jurong Birdpark and that was a joy simply because the Emperors were there. And seeing them up, close confirms my every belief. They are quite the funny creatures.

Of course, I’ve also seen them at our local Zoo Negara but no pictures because well, err the viewing area is quite dirty. Perhaps our zoo authorities should look into that.

But travelling to Singapore just to look at them can get pretty expensive, and buying a soft toy is not an option for me. Thankfully, I now have the chance to get a penguin into my life.


The Starbucks Legendary Penguin Tumbler

The Starbucks Legendary Penguin Tumblr! That’s right. Only two of it, and they are giving it away. To who? Well, I am hoping that one of them would be me. That way, my search for my own penguin can be declared officially over.

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