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Some have asked, and some have questioned, about my recent change in blogging style and I decided to fit it into my first Thursday Tech Talk column. Rather than having technology, I am taking a step backward and removing a huge chunk of technology for one of my favourite hobbies.

Photography has always been an interest of mine and I have gone through a whole gamut of digital cameras. So, my recent jump to a film SLR, the Nikon FE (pictured above) surprised quite a few. It also created a whole argument on Twitter as to whether there was any advantages stepping backwards.

Truth be told, the digital platform for photography is leaps and bounds better than film. You get to view your pictures instantly, you can shoot thousands of shots without much worry, all the settings can be done with the camera and you get a clean image at the end of the day.

The only advantage I can think of with film, is that you are using the dedicated black and white films. That way, you are definitely capturing a better black and white shot than digital cameras. Other than that, my jump “backward” is well, because I can.

Here is to me visiting FotoSun in SS2 more :) Oh, and after reading all that, if you don’t know why the change, because I can’t afford to shoot so many rolls of film to fill this blog up with photographic content :P

9 thoughts on “Thursday Tech Talk: My “Backward” Move

  1. This reminds me of Lance Armstrong who said “It’s not about the bike” so forget what people say about whether your tools are new or old. It’s what you do with it.

  2. @thechannelc thats true, but i will definitely be shooting less :P

    @steph thanks, i know! i got my first two rolls of film back and i love how its grainy and all :P

    @Jan Shim tsk tsk.. you and your puns..

    @kurt haha yeah no more chimping. its quite liberating actually :P

  3. @The Photodiarist It is quite exciting, well I hope you will be interested to pick up film too as my project goes on :)

  4. my personal opinion is that film photography is one field of photography the true masters venture in. It is one aspect that makes photography very expensive and even more challenging. In a world where photography and DSLRs are as common as the cellphone, film photography draws the line for the serious hobbyist with the “I just want to take some shots”

  5. @Photoblogger Or a poor guy like me wanting a fullframe camera but can’t afford the digital counterpart :P

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