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I went to Chiang Mai for a holiday and this trip, I was even more excited. It was going to be the first time that I am going on a trip with only a film camera in my bag. With only less than a week of practice on the film SLR, I was hoping that I could at least get one or two decent shots with the camera.

While not allowed, the film SLR was so inconscpicuous that the security didn’t stop me when I was standing there, taking my own sweet time to adjust my manual-focus-only lens and took a shot of the plane on the tarmac. Upon seeing the result, the focus wasn’t tack sharp, but there is something about the grain, and the imperfections that is appealing to me.

I thought it gave a certain character to the photo, what do you think?

Not much of a shade

We landed in Chiang Mai and before we knew it, we were whisked away to our first stop, some floral fest that was dedicated to the King. It was a huge garden and we were greeted by this giant umbrella looking thing at the front. It was quite an interesting structure although it didn’t provide much of a shade.

I am guessing its a symbol of Chiang Mai as they are quite famous for their umbrellas.

The Ceiling

The floral fest was very nice, but we were whisked away in a tram that went too fast for my liking. Never had any chance to photograph the different presentations that different countries created. If you plan to go here, make sure you have the time and you are willing to walk. Sitting on the tram kinda defeats the purpose.

After that, we were taken to lunch. My bosses decided that they want to change the restaurant so we went to this nice restaurant and it was the best meal we had during our 4-day trip. Of course, I didn’t want to shoot the food in black and white so I had to shoot something else.

Walking around the restaurant, I thought it was a place that worked well in colour, until I saw the ceiling and thought it made for a nice B&W shot.

Going up

After lunch, it was time to visit the Doi Suthep temple, which I will talk more about next week. But going up the tram, it was not much of a view, but it made again for interesting lines and a “never ending tunnel” look. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

So far, I seem to be doing alright with my first roll of B&W film. Hope that I will get to compile a mini photobook on my Chiang Mai travel.

Note: All shots taken with Nikon FE and Kodak T-Max B&W 400.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Terrible Photo: My First B&W in Chiang Mai

  1. @lordmint MF? whats that? *ignore ignore* :P

    @kurt EXIF? What’s that? Its in my lil 555 book. hahaha :P

  2. Did you develop the films yourself? I like b&w on film with some grains … add a nice feeling to it that is somewhat undescribable :P

    And the tunnel shot is cool! Now you’re making me itch to try my 2nd roll of t-max :S

  3. nice set. i love the tunnel photo too. these are film, developed then scanned? =) wow.

    will be looking for your tips on enjoying chiangmai. i’m headed there myself in late jan.

  4. @meendee Go go go! try try! Nah, haven’t gone into the whole darkroom thing yet. Sent it to FotoSun in SS2

    @steph thanks :) Yep, developed then scanned. The unpredictability of film is fun! in a weird way..

    Will try to give you some tips but really, jst enjoy urself haha.. lots to see, lots to buy, lots to eat..

    @mark haha yeah they are finally out! thanks :)

    @babe thanks :)

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