The Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep is one of the famous temples in Chiang Mai. It is located 15km away from the city of Chiang Mai and the name Doi Suthep is actually the name of the mountain it sits on. It is a sacred temple to many Thais but because of its great vantage point of Chiang Mai, it is also one the most visited spots by foreign tourists.

To get up there, you can either take the tram or walk up 309 steps to the temple. I of course took the tram, and then walked down the stairs. Easier down than up.

Offering prayers

Of course, people going up to the temple means that the main objective is to offer prayers. And the most holy spot is the original copper plate chedi. I didn’t go in there because they required me to take off my shoes and I was lazy so I missed out on the holy spot.

Dancing Girl

But there are other things to see at the Wat Doi Suthep. For one, you have a few cultural troupes performing there, asking for donation to keep the culture alive. You have girls doing traditional dances in traditional costumes.


There is the umbrella dance and they even have a whole musical group supporting them. The dancing girl didn’t have one, just a radio player to support her. Maybe I should have donated more to her so she can hire her own people :P

Children Music Troupe

See, the umbrella dance has got support. Ada gang. So did the peacock dance, but by the time I found the right focus and composition, the dance ended. So you can’t see it here.

There you have it, the Wat Doi Suthep. A pretty interesting place, and a decent spot to visit if you are in Chiang Mai.

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