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The thing with going with a tour group is that you are most likely to hit all the tourist spots. It is not that bad, considering some of the tourist spots are actually worth the visit. Kantoke Palace is certainly one of those spots in Chiang Mai. If you are going on a Chiang Mai tour, this is most likely the dinner venue for your first night there.

Peacock Dance

The food in Kantoke Palace is actually quite decent, on the yummy side I would say. They served you a few bowl of dishes in one big woven tray and it is refillable. This means you can pretty much eat all you want in this place. One particular favourite dish with me and Sharon was the fried chicken. That was some good stuff.

We also couldn’t get enough of their cucumber, which is quite different from the ones you find here. Its sweeter and crunchier. I don’t really eat cucumber but I definitely got a few plates in when I was at Kantoke Palace. Cucumber + their chilli paste = good stuff. Oh and crispy pork skin as well.

Hitting the Drums

What else other than food do you get in Kantoke Palace? As per the pictures, you are treated to a few traditional northern folk dance after dinner. So for a taste of authentic Northern Thai cuisine with a dose of dancing girls and guys, head over to Kantoke Palace. It is definitely made for the tourists but its an experience that is not half bad.

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