Masai Elephant Camp

This is another suprising trip for me as I never thought I would enjoy something like an elephant camp because it screams like a tourist death trap everytime someone say “go watch elephants perform”. I guess its been a while since I been to one of this so I was still pleasantly surprised at some of the stuff they did.

Next MU star?

They played soccer and judging by their ability, I think they might have taken shooting lessons from Berbatov or somebody because they sure missed more than they scored. Then again, the ball was very big and I am not sure if I want to be the guy standing there receiving it.

I wonder if they ever knocked someone out. Other than soccer skills, they performed some other party tricks but none were as impressive as their ability to paint. There is a trick here but still it is quite amazing to see these animals take a brush and create work of art.

Gentle Giant

The best part of the trip was not the show of course but the elephant ride. This is not your zoo-ride-in-a-circle kinda thing. We are talking about riding the elephant into a jungle, going downhill and uphill. It was very much like a rollercoaster and a damn enjoyable one at that.

So, yes, these shows may seem like a big tourist trap but its an experience that one will never forget. Particularly the ride. If you haven’t been to one before, I suggest you at least go once.

3 thoughts on “Surprised I Enjoyed An Elephant Show…

  1. Who said slow rides were boring? This ride was awesome! But I do remember cringing every time they strike at the elephant’s latero-ventral area of the head yet they don’t seem to feel it.

  2. @meendee It was on display with a price tag, and trust me, they didn’t need to push for people to buy. People were willingly paying top dollars for it

    @Photoblogger what’s the latero-ventral area? those are might big words. I don’t remember any striking though.

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