Shangri-la Chiang Mai

My last trip to Chiang Mai was one of quite luxurious standards. Being a company trip, we were pretty much ensured only the best for us. Therefore, the bosses decided that we should stay in one of the best hotels in Chiang Mai, Shangri-La Resort.

I am usually more accustomed to Shangri-la Resorts near the beach (excluding the KL version) so this was the second city-based Shangri-la I’ve seen. The surrounding area is not that flattering to the hotel but the environment within their control was beautifully done.

Stairs at Shangri-la Chiang Mai

Since I had some free time waiting for my colleagues, I decided to go photograph the staircase. I like to photograph staircase, don’t ask me why :)

So, there you go, two random shots at Shangri-la Chiang Mai.

3 thoughts on “Random Shots At Shangri-la Chiang Mai

  1. @Photoblogger I know! I’ve been there. Wedding will be there too :)

    @meendee Hahaha full at the moment. Yep shot with the Kodak T-Max 400 :)

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