Nikon D700

I seriously thought I could resist but it is coursing through my veins. One shouldn’t have tried fullframe (even if its on film) to experience the benefits of going fullframe.

What should I do? Someone is offering me a used unit with 5 months warranty left. Should I make the leap of faith? And dent a hole in the pocket? :P

18 thoughts on “The Poison Is Strong

  1. @babe haha it is really expensive. you should be telling me to stop!

    @Vincent :P didn’t you make the same leap?

    @Mark Leo haha will do. i blame you for letting me play with a d700 last year! :P

    @Hannah :) thanks, lets hope I make the right one

    @Photoblogger lol yes, a very expensive drug

  2. @lordmint lol pls add film, else I’ll think digital medium format and large format are cheap :P

    @karheng haha rightttt…

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