Snake Charmer in Chiang Mai

Another touristy stop but this is surprisingly a trip where I enjoyed all the touristy stops! The snake show is just like any other snake show but they made it quite exciting. At one point, they even threw a rope at me, where everybody thought it was a snake.

I didn’t so if it turned out to be a snake, I won’t be typing this right now. Luckily they didn’t decide to test reflexes that day.

Lil Snake Charmer in Chiang Mai

And then later this small boy came out and performed! This little kid! At that age I was still drooling and playing with err sticks and stones or something, not snakes! He got grazed at the end of the show and the adult had to come in and take over. Poor kid, he was telling the other guy that it was painful.

I am thinking of changing my blog to allow for bigger pictures but have yet to find that perfect template. Sigh.

7 thoughts on “A Snake-y Experience

  1. @Alisha haha it was kinda cool :)

    @meendee maybe, wonder now if i will enjoy it again. I probably would :)

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