Magenta Restaurant Kuching

During my trip to Kuching last weekend, Sharon brought me to a pretty popular restaurant in Kuching. It is not fine dining, but it is a bit more expensive than your usual affair. The food in the menu also won’t look out of place in a fine dining establishment.

We reached there after 8pm and it seems that we were lucky that it wasn’t that packed after all. Apparently, they are that popular that finding a table can be difficult on a weekend.

Magenta's Caesar Salad

As with any meals, we must start off with greens before proceeding with meat. Adeline and Sharon decided to order Magenta’s version of Caesar Salad which was pretty good and really fresh. I think it could have done with a bit more croutons though. And maybe a hint of bacon, but I think they are pork-free so no go there.

Magenta's Turkey Ham Bruschetta

Next up is something more like my kind of food – meat! Magenta’s Turkey Ham Bruschetta not only comes with tomatoes and the likes, it also comes with boiled egg rolled up in turkey ham. I loved this dish so much that I took most of it. Mainly because Sharon and her sister didn’t really like it that much. They said the combo was a bit weird. I thought it was awesome. Then again, I think everything with egg is awesome.

Magenta's Jack Daniel Ribeye

Sharon ordered the ribeye as her main and the steak was quite tender and for a medium steak, it was a bit to the bloody side. But since I am a medium rare person, I thought it was cooked to perfection. The Jack Daniel sauce that accompanied the dish was slightly on the sweet side, but they have some catching up to do with Friday’s equivalent.

Magenta's Wild Mushroom Sirloin

And then more meat on the table as Adeline ordered the sirloin steak with wild mushroom sauce. It basically looks like the JD Ribeye except it is with a different sauce. It is not too bad, I didn’t eat much of it but the same comment was given, for a medium, it was quite bloody rare.

Magenta's Fettucine Lamb Shank

Finally, my dish arrived and it was the Fettucine Lamb Shank. As the name says, it is lamb shank served with fettucine. It was soft and tender and juicy and one of the best lamb shank I’ve tasted. The fettucine was pretty much a garnish to me as I tried to finish up all the lamb I could.

All in all, Magenta Restaurant is certainly a very interesting restaurant – I liked the deco and I will post some random shots in another posting and the food is certainly good enough to warrant another visit. So if you are in Kuching, then you should take a look at this place.

I apologise for the “over senget” shots as I am still trying to get into groove with the new camera.

Magenta Restaurant
32, Lot 141, Jalan Nanas, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak.
Phone Number: 082-237878

11 thoughts on “Food! – Magenta Restaurant, Kuching

  1. @meendee hahaha yes, such is the pain of eating with someone who wants to take photos before eating :P

  2. @suyandi liyis I really can’t remember! But I think it wouldn’t have cost me more than RM200 for 3 persons

  3. I always go to this restaurant once in a blue moon to pamper myself. The food is out of this world. Even my little daughter like it so much. And the place is so cosy and romantic. Guys, you should try it especially celebrating with your loves ones

  4. @Azmiera It has been a long while since I went to Kuching but I suddenly feel like going back :P

  5. May I know which type of camera you were using for the photo? The food look especially great because of the quality of the photo.

  6. @Wen I believe I used the Nikon D700 for the shots :) Can’t really remember now since it was quite a while back and I have changed camera systems since then :)

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