Devil On Horseback @ Cristang

This post is way overdue. I went to eat there a long time ago and have been there a few times since my first visit. I ate the most during my first visit as well. At my first visit to Cristang, which is an establishment in PJ serving fusion Portuguese food (or was it modern?), we ordered the whole works. Appetisers right up until drinks. No dessert for us :P

The first dish was Devil on Horseback which is a fancy name for Asparagus with Bacon. Not too bad, it has pork bacon, so no complains there.

Mashed Potato @ Cristang

If there is masher on the menu, one must always order. And am I glad we did. This is one of the best I’ve eaten and I would gladly go back there to have this again. Then again, the star of the show is not the potato, so we might as well move swiftly along.

Brinjal Dish @ Cristang

We ordered some brinjal dish, because Sharon loves brinjal. I do too but definitely not this one. This tasted weird, although Sharon thought it was fine. I found it weird, very “peppery” for a lack of a better word. I will avoid this dish the next time I go (and I did!).

Mushroom Dish @ Cristang

At Cristang, the dishes are largely hit and miss. It is just unfortunate that I had two misses during my first visit. There is nothing entirely wrong with the mushroom dish, just that it is not a stand-out, and that is a shame as their burgers and one other dish is the absolute must have. So, let’s move on to the main eh?

P# Burger @ Cristang

This is probably world famous by now. The P# Burger of Cristang is the reason why people go to Kristang in the first place. And also the fact that we don’t have a whole lot of restaurants serving pork burgers. You can order from P1 up to P7, although they might add secret numbers that I don’t know about. I believe mine was a P5 which had Petai, bacon and pineapple. This is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Fried Nasi Lemak @ Cristang

This is less publicised but I think it is a dish worth mentioning. Take one of Malaysia’s favourite food, Nasi Lemak, and fry it! Simple in concept, brilliant in execution. This was very delicious as well. And well worth ordering. These days I just skip ahead to either of these dishes and forget the rest.

Cristang is definitely a restaurant that deserves the praises that many have sung and I hope that its relatively unknown location won’t cost its demise. But with so many people blogging about them, and the amount of Tweets I’ve seen, I think enough traffic is driven there.

Cristang Restaurant
B-G-19, 8 Avenue, Jalan Sungei Jerneh (8/1) Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7956 7877
Map here

9 thoughts on “Food! – A Delicious Meal @ Cristang

  1. @jfook Go eat eat :D

    @meendee Thanks :D This was shot using the 50mm f1.8 :) Lighted by SB-600. Now I don’t have the SB-600 anymore :P Hopefully future shots will be nicely lit as well haha

  2. I cannot believe that after all the reviews and raves I heard from friends, I’ve not been there even once. Cristang virgin wei!

  3. Hi Nicholas,

    Believe it or not, with all the combing of the internet that I do to find out what people are saying of us and our food, this is the first time I have come across your write up on Cristang. I would like to say thank you for your honest and kind words in regards to all the dishes that you had savored.

    I would like to point out that in regards to the burgers, while the recipe has not changed since I created it, I have increased the size of the burgers, in addition to that, dishes like the Sauteed Shitake Mushrooms have had a makeover and is now one of the more popular starters/Tapas dishes that we have in addition to the Devils, Otak-Otak and the Shrimp Scampi.

    As for the brinjals… welll… it is coated with white and black pepper and the sauce is a soy a lime sauce sauteed with fresh cut chili slices and onions. The end result taste will be ‘unique’ to say the least, as I had indicated in the menu. I do know that some of the Malaccan Portuguese dishes can be foreign to as not many of it is actually out there in the general market. I do hope that you will have a better experience with out brinjals if you do come by to try them again (hmmmm… that sounded a bit salah, but what the hell! We all need a good laugh once in awhile!)

    Cheers Nicholas!
    Please do call on me the next time that you do come by.

    Gerald Oei

  4. Hi Gerald,

    No surprises there :) I am not to say super famous or anything. Anyway, it is always a pleasant to find owners taking such interest in replying to a blog post. I have to agree that the brinjals is a bit “unique”. Haha maybe I’ll try a different style when I am there.

    I must say that I am glad that you replied this thread because there were rumours that Cristang has closed down. So now that I know you are not, I will definitely come and get my next dose of your burgers :)

  5. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for replying. No, we have definitely not closed down and are still going strong, with the Pork Burgers now running up to the P10 and a whole bunch of other stuff on the menu being as babified as ever!.. lolz

    I believe that the rumor of Cristang being closed down could come from my other halal outlet that I had in KL before on Asian Heritage Row which I did close down 2 years ago. That one also had the pronunciation “Cristang” but was spelt as Kristao.

    I look forward to seeing you again at Cristang.


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